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Who is behind ITidiots.com?

There are three people behind ITidiots.com. Nicky (Technical Consultant), Nick (Developer) and Shabih (Pharmacist). Nicky has been working in the field for over ten years and has delivered Microsoft Official Curriculam training as well as Microsoft Technet seminars. Nick used to work in the City (London) as a delveloper working in the financial field. Shabih is a pharmacist with minimal IT experience, so if we can teach him IT, anyone can learn!

What is the idea of ITidiots.com?

The basic idea of ITidiots.com is to cover topics related to real life corporate networking, embedded in what some people believe to be an entertaining show, Much of the content is just as applicable to the home user and is bound to be of interest to any IT enthusiast. In the podcast you can watch us build up the network as we discuss it, we are currently using VMWare technology to host the servers all on a laptop! Oh yeah, best of all it is 100% free, you don't even need to register!

Who is the ITidiots podcast aimed at?

Anyone really! We have had positive comments from across the board. An IT Manager has recommended it to his staff. People studying towards their Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) qualification have also left good comments. Somebody actually mailed in to say "I have no idea what a domain is, but I am going to follow you guys because it looks fun".

What Technologies are covered?

At present we are building the Active Directory infrastructure, so we are using Microsoft Windows Server 2003 as a base. So far we have added DHCP and DNS services to the network. Once the network has been built up we will choose a relevant vendors mail server, sql server and management server.

How can I get hold of the episodes?

There are many ways to get hold of the episodes. by far the simplest way is to subsctibe to our RSS feed using your favorite podcast client, for me this is definetely iTunes. Incidently you can also find us in the Technology section of the podcast directory on iTunes, just search for "IT idiots". You can also download the episodes individualy from 'The Episodes' link on the front page. Oh yeah, the current episode is also available in steaminig format so you can watch via our website.