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Well, I know it has been a while (not long enough for some I'm sure), but I still follow ITidiots and Unwatchable (no new shows for a while...).

So, what is new with technology with me? - I gave up on the laptop and I am a Mac convert and now saving up for a nice new MacBook after I thought "I've got my PC for gaming, I'm going to travel a lot and I need something light, fast and a decent battery that I can still work on" - Mr Jobs and his fruit collection was the answer as I can't stand netbooks.

I also now take a strong intrest in the development of In Flight Entertainment Systems (combining both hobbies) and also some of the technology behind aircraft. It is very intresting to see just how much technology goes into the systems. For example, Panasonic seems to be the leader of AVOD (Audio Video On Demand), closely followed by the likes of Thales and Sony. However, these systems run Lynux (mainly red hat) and are known to be full of bugs - except Britsh Airway's new system... bmi on the other hand had "Waiting for Gogo..." on the screen with the linux penguin for half the flight and that system has been running since 2001... not good. They've fixed it now (sort of) but still no AVOD. It is funny to see how airlines still rely on the good old HI8 tapes that I grew up with.

However, I could waffle on for ages on that topic but to cut a long story short I plan to not enter the IT carrer path but instead the one of a pilot and I will start my ATPL course in February.

A comedy to recomend is The Inbetweeners as it has to be the funniest box set I have ever bought...
December 28, 2010 | Registered CommenterJamie
I've given up. This place died during the summer or at the end of it. Been a good ride. Thanks all of ITIDIOTS. I've got all the back log videos backed up. Some better quality ones than the ones currently available as they seemed to remove some of them oddly.

Keeping them for reference.
January 2, 2011 | Registered Commenterjoey pesci
I agree, even though my little geeky past is still there (and I still have all the videos), I've moved onto aviation now. The pictures of PCs on my wall have been replaced with an A330-200, 777-300ER, 737-300, 737-800, 777-200ER and the last BA 757-200. On the other wall I have some other stuff but we won't go into that...

One final question from me - how can I convert iPlayer programs (which are .mp4 now) to playback on anything (remove the DRM) for free? ipdl has stopped working along with the command line versions and I have tried googling around (some free DRM removers a little complex...)

I might have to think of something
January 18, 2011 | Registered CommenterJamie