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ITidiots open forum > Lab report on a small scale virtualization project

Hello Folks,
Can anyone help me how to write lab report ?Lab report on a small scale virtualization project. Please see below scenario.

Scenario :

This includes analysis, design and implementation.
● You are working for a recruitment agency company that has 60 employees.
● The company has the following physical servers:
○ Windows file and print server that contains document templates and other miscellaneous documents used in everyday work functions
○ A Microsoft exchange server for mail. As a recruitment agency phone and mail services are vital for the functioning of the business.
○ An Ubuntu Linux server running Apache web services that has the companies external and internal websites.
● Each user also has their own laptop running Windows XP. These need to be upgraded to Windows 7 but the hardware is fairly old (5 years), the laptops have max 2GB of RAM and the director is reluctant to spend money on purchasing new laptops.
● The director who is tech savvy has also heard about virtualisation software and has asked you to investigate how your company could implement virtualisation with a budget of around €200 000. He wants to understand:
○ Cost savings and benefits of virtualisation
○ How you can ensure the mail server has necessary computing resources and that there is no mail outage longer than 5 minutes per month during business hours.
○ How the infrastructure will be managed.
○ How you can ensure availability of services if a server needs maintenance and patch upgrades.
○ As he is reasonably technical he wants to understand the design of the network/s, the types of hardware needed.

Report should include:
○ Licensing schemes
○ Physical design drawings with labelling
○ Logical design drawings with labelling
○ Costing saving and benefits of virtualisation
○ Implementation explanations and design principles for
• Management
• Storage
• Virtual Networking
• High availability solutions
• Computing Resource control
• Backup
• VDI solution

Any help highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

December 27, 2011 | Registered CommenterLearner IT