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Episode 76: Virtualisation in a Nutshell Part I

Well unless you have been living in the dark ages you may have noticed that everything in IT seems to be virtualisable (Is that a real word??). Now we have chatted about server virtualisation on previous episodes but it started a long time before that, have you heard VLANS? Well that is network virtualisation, and then there is storage virtualisation. In this first episode of two  we begin to demystify the chaos surrounding virtualisation and chat about its benefits.

Episode 74: SAN Essentials Part II

In the exciting conclusion we look at creating some disks on a real life SAN, I told you it was exciting, it did involve 56 disks you know. Anyway, we then go on to present them to some machines, chat about NIC teaming and some general iSCSI advice. Right, you are now a storage consultant, how hard can it be?



Episode 73: SAN Essentials Part I

Ever wondered what all this SAN stuff is about? I know I was, I mean what was wrong with just putting disks in the server, eh? Well in this initial episode we introduce some different SAN technologies namely iSCSI, Fibre channel and a little bit on SAS. All theory this one but on the next one will will be doing some cool demonstrations. Stand by…


ITidiots 72: IPv6 Essentials

Well I am sure you have heard that we are running out of IPv4 addresses. Now I, like no doubt some of you, have been hearing this for around 15 years, in fact ever since I learnt TCP/IP I knew it was doomed. In this episode we introduce IPv6 concepts and cover the basics of the new IPv6 address format. Oh, and sorry for the sound quality on this one, the batteries in our microphone ran out, and Mark was suffering from man flu!



ITidiots71: Lite Touch Deployment of Windows 7

So after almost a year from out last episode we are back and to coincide with the release of Windows 7 we show you how to deploy Windows 7 with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010. 


 Presented by Dave Morgan

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