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Technical Q&A > TIP of The Day-Server 2003 to 2008

I have setup 2 DC's in VMware with the 2nd being the replication server.

Following the upgrading to server 2008 episode I wondered how you do it will 2 domains. I backed them up before hand so if things went wrong it was fine.

They went wrong :)

I wanted to upgrade DC 1 to be DC 1 but with server 2008. But had to change the name of server 2008 to be able to join it to the domain. Then moved the RID, PDC etc to DC 1 Temp. Then dcpromod the old DC 1. Once that was done I wanted to rename DC 1 Temp.

Mistake :) once I did it, all the RID, PDC etc are all messed up as they are looking for DC 1 Temp and not DC 1. And now can't change the name of DC 1 back to Temp because it can't find DC 1 Temp to add the machine to the DC :)


Not blaming anyone but me but looking at that video I feel it did seem a bit rushed, missed out key points, didn't explain the troubleshooting if you came across issues. I know they keep saying we're suppose to be IT peeps that should be able to troubleshoot. But I thought the idea was we were all like Shabby, didn't have a clue so wouldn't be able to trouble shoot if we didn't know what to look for. I can setup domains and manage them, but only the basics, if something goes wrong, I tend not to know where to look.

I guess I should of moved the RID, PDC etc controls over to DC 2 first, then rename DC 1 Temp back to DC 1. Then moved the RID etc back to DC 1. Would that work?

February 17, 2010 | Registered Commenterjoey pesci


You should be able to use ntdsutil.exe to force the roles.

February 18, 2010 | Registered CommenterVaughan White

Too late :) I restored from the VMs.

February 19, 2010 | Registered Commenterjoey pesci

I've also now realised that ITidiots guide on this was assuming you have new kit to put the machine on. If not, you can upgrade over 2003.

February 26, 2010 | Registered Commenterjoey pesci