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Technical Q&A > Going 64bit & .NET Framework Problems

Ok, these are two completely different problems...

First of all, I am going to go 64bit, but would I need to go out and buy whole new software for it, I googled this and it says it should run 32bit apps just the same, but some drivers and most anti-virus software won't work and you will have to get the 64bit versions of them. Microsoft say that if it says somewhere in the control panel (Performance & Monitoring tools I think) that my computer is 64bit compatible, then I can run 64bit (and it says 64bit compatible). So, I was thinking, why not buy 64bit Windows 7 Home Premium?

Now for the real problem, for a while now (ever since I installed some Visual Basic Express 2008 and some Visual C#, C++, Web, SQL express 2008) I have had problems with things using .NET Framework 3.5...

Now, I am all up to date with it (.NET 3.5SP1) and nothing will work with it...

how can I fix this, things just crash when it needs .NET Framework 3.5... or will I have to re-install the whole OS (see above)?

November 12, 2009 | Registered CommenterJamie


yes 32bit apps can run on 64bit windows. It uses a layer called WOW32 (windows on windows 32Bit), this has been the same with 16bit apps (WOW or WOW16) on 32bit windows for many years. It isn't prefect its a compatibility layer.

Software that that runs at certain system levels or installs kernel mode drivers such as antivirus, firewall, disktools, network tools will not work and will require upgrading to be compatible at the kernel or other system level.

I cant answer if you should upgrade? you need to way up the pros and cons, personally i would.

Second question .NET

any error codes? , BSOD info? event viewer entries?

also if you have a beta of .Net installed you need to uninstall it first

November 12, 2009 | Registered CommenterSupernova

I get the common Windows Vista "xyz application has stopped working...." sort of thing and I normally google them and they are all .NET related. I have only ever installed the stable .NET frameworks, nothing Beta at all on my machine (I cleaned it up quite a bit). I've had this problem for a fair few months now, but with Windows 7 being out, I am getting a bit concerned as some new apps will need .NET 3.5-SP1.

I'll take you through what I have done:

1- uninstalled .NET framework 3.5-SP1 via the Uninstall Programs list
2- restarted computer and disabled the ".NET framework 3.0" part in the Add/Remove Windows Features menu
3- restarted computer, re-enabled the .NET framework 3.0 thing
4- restarted computer and Windows Update updated to .NET Framework 3.5-SP1.

I could always hang on until .NET 4.0 comes out and it might fix the problems, or alternatively just do a clean install of Windows 7. I notice that on the PC World website, they have Windows 7 Home Premium for sale, the full retail version and it comes with the 32Bit Install DVD and the 64bit Install DVD. So, if I don't like 64bit, I can just install 32bit back on.

I would have to re-install Norton 360 anyway and to be honest with you, I would go down the Norton Internet Security route anyway as that (in my opinion) much lighter than 360 and runs great on my XP box.

EDIT: I do have another option, I still have the Restore Disk and the Restore Partition that came with the laptop so if push really came to shove, I could just re-install Vista again from the factory settings...

but I am looking in Task Manager now and I am just running Safari 4, Windows Live Messenger and I have Norton 360 running all the time in the tray area along with EA Download, QuickTime tray icon and Power ISO and it is using up 1.56GB or RAM. And these applications I have running all the time and they run on startup anyway...

Gives you an idea...

November 12, 2009 | Registered CommenterJamie

well if you cant give anymore information a reinstall may be the best way for you to go.

.Net 4 may not help i believe often you have older frameworks side by side to help with backward compatibility.

Stopped using Norton years ago, i still see it daily on other peoples systems, too bloated and slow for my liking

November 12, 2009 | Registered CommenterSupernova

I have used them for years, I feel that Norton 360 is a bit O-T-T...

Norton Internet Security is very good as it alerts you when something happens (like a cookie blocked) which Norton 360 doesn't seem to do that much...

November 12, 2009 | Registered CommenterJamie

I used them since windows 3.1 & msdos. up to XP (and Norton tools), i used to sell it cheaper than pcworld. i decided they had turned into one of the worst commercial packages now a days. I still see peoples systems with it running daily

November 12, 2009 | Registered CommenterSupernova

I tried McAffie (I think that's how you spell it) for a short while and I was disappointed. The updates kept failing, the application crashing and on a brand new machine that was pretty high spec for its time. I uninstalled McAffie and put Norton Internet Security 2005 on there and it worked great up until 6 months ago when they gave me an upgrade for Internet Security 2009 for the same price as renewing the 2005 one.

Also, their customer support is quite good as well. I just find some of their products are a bit more bloated and heavier than others...

November 13, 2009 | Registered CommenterJamie