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unwatchable > Joined the Game Late Mate

Hey Nicky
Finally got an iPhone, even though the 4 was out I went for the 3GS. I make phone calls with mine lol.

I need the top 5 apps or things to know so I can get up to speed. Help!!

Listened to my first ITIdiots podcast - 36 Apple Recall. V funny..

July 16, 2010 | Registered CommenterKaren Walker-Bannon
Wow, you went Apple. It seems to happen to all of us you eventually.

I think everybody's use of the iPhone is different, but I use my mailnly for the following

Well I recon you should get a GPS app for it, especially if you haven't replaced that other one you had :), it is a good gps system you know, a fine replacement for any car one if you can deal with the small screen. Ndrive was 9.99 over there, but Co-Pilot is pretty good.

For a messenger IM+ is pretty good, but I also use MSN messenger. and Tweetie for twitter. Linked In is not a bad woirk social messeger one.

Loads of local apps, for London, trains, busses, I know Boulder has some, I actually still have some!

For weather I use WeatherProm

For radio I use WunderRadio, all BBC channels!

For some quick entertainment, Flight Control, Implode! and Rock Band are kinda fun.

Ohh, and there are some fun cate noise ones, not really sure if they are cruel though as Boz looked really concerened with one of them and I wont use it again!

Hope things are cool in Boulder.

July 17, 2010 | Registered CommenterNicky Curtis