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unwatchable > Apple front facing camera

Was listening to E31 I think it is, and Nicky said it was mainly the Apple haters that moan about the front facing camera on the Apple, saying phones have had that for years and nothing new. Su-Fay did point out other phones have had it. And yes, mine have and my E71 had it two years before the iPhone 4.

I hate Apple, its true, but that's not why I'm moaning about it. And Nicky said "But did you use it. No". Yes but Nicky fails to see the reason why it was never used, was not because it wasn't good or useful but because video calls cost a shit load more than normal calls. Which meant most people ended up not using it. If this is the same with the Apple, then most people won't use it, unless they have money to burn.

However, if it can be used with your unlimited data plan, then yeah, it could be popular if you can use it over Skype for free.

So it wasn't the fact we hate Apple we moaned, its the fact Apple banged on its was a new thing when it wasn't. And the reason it was never used on old phones with front facing cams was just due to video call prices being way to expensive.
July 30, 2010 | Registered Commenterjoey pesci