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unwatchable > E37

Another good episode. Get well soon Su-Fay.

You both need to stick to your guns and don't back down on subjects. You were close to backing down on Scientology but good you didn't. It wasn't bad the councillor said what he said because, I believe Scientology in England and most of Europe don't see it as a religion because its a pay for deal. It's clearly a cult.

Anyway. Still confused about your Google Latitude bit. Because you say the app you use, is a separate app that tracks you and places it into Google Latitude. But my point is Google Latitiude does its own tracking so why do you need the extra bit of software? I have it on my E71 on GoogleMaps. If I turn it on, it will update every few mins and mark where my last location is/was and is free.

Also O2 are screwed when they claim they aren't agreeing to Steve Job's 30 days. By law they have to, even more so, at least 6 months. Because now, Apple have admitted it's a design flaw. So people could return the phones as not fit for purpose. I bet if people speak to Office of Fair Trading they'd agree.

I think the figures Jobs give out on his speech is a bit bollocks. They were denying the problem and gave a script to their call centres, so must of gotten more calls than admitting. And if their stores refused the return then it wouldn't get logged as a return.

And no not saying all this Nicky cause I'm an Apple hater, saying this as I've own an iTouch, I know how shit it is and have a right to disagree with Apple and their business practices.

Still think he needs to take time out and eat. He looks screwed since his operation.
August 2, 2010 | Registered Commenterjoey pesci
Not knocking Nicky or being defensive, just pointing out looks smooth to me :)

August 3, 2010 | Registered Commenterjoey pesci