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To Apple News :)

Getting a bit boring now and I won't bother to submit articles to talk about. Only did it once granted and kinda screwed up the One Note doc I did it in, but not one mention of it. I'm not saying I want credit so would of been nice if one of the articles was used, because now and then you'd say, that you're using Google Wave to setup the notes, yet all this news about Apple and not one mention Google Wave is being dropped by Google. That was one of the stories I gave. Even gave some Apple ones shock horror.

Where does Nicky get these ideas from "TV is pretty much dead now isn't it?" Really? So why is Sky so massive still?

Even funnier, the new McD's add that mentions "A quid or a squid" :) even more proof Su-Fay was right.
September 4, 2010 | Registered Commenterjoey pesci